The Ice and Me

Hockey has been my life.  Being undersized didn’t help, but for my size I’d like to say I wasn’t that bad. I did my job as a defenseman, and thats it.  I’ve saved more goals than I can count.  When I go play scrimmages I usually play forward and it’s been a great time.  I’m able to be creative with the puck and I set people up as much as possible.  Being one of the better players on the ice definitely has it’s advantages.  You see, there is something about being on the ice for hockey players that is sacred.  You can watch it, yeah that’s fun, but there is nothing like being on the ice, cutting your edges making a crisp cut in the ice and having the puck on your stick as you’re flying up the wing.  Those are the things that I enjoy and wasn’t able to do when I played defense.  This is why retiring from my competitive career is not as bad.  The memories are endless and my life was changed and shaped because of hockey, but I’m not saying goodbye.  There is nothing that can replace competitive hockey in my life and I wouldn’t trade away any of it.  Thanking my parents is completely appropriate after all they have done to let me play, as does every parent of an athlete deserve.  Everyday I wish I could wake up and just play all day long, whether its on a frozen pond or at the rink, just lacing up the skates will lighten any hockey players day up.  I’ll miss competitive hockey, but I’m not done, not for a long, long time.


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